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Picturethis3D is about good people, amazing talent and hard work, helping furnishing companies and artists thrive by putting their products at the forefront of a changed industry. This is a game changer for many that is going to shift the tide in favour of the local factories, artisans and retail stores that are the lifeblood of hometown economies.

We are much more than a tech company. Picturethis3D uses emerging technology to recapture a human connection inherent to good old-fashioned shopping. Direct sales support communities around the world by keeping more profits in the pockets of local business.


It started in real estate.  Brokers identified a long list of problems resulting from widespread consumer usage of the internet and, in countless interviews and focus groups, they told us how to fix them. We listened.


A global search determined that an off-the-self solution did not exist, so Picturethis3D opted to build the necessary technology. The result is a proprietary visualization platform unlike anything currently on the market. Picturethis3D is the first and only property visualization company to offer sustainable whole home replicas to facilitate real estate and furnishing sales.


The core of our platform is a digital property manual called DigiDigz. It is an interactive 3D replica of any home, office, industrial space or public venue hosted in the cloud. It provides accurate dollhouse views of digital properties and allows users to “walk inside” to get an accurate sense of actual space and traffic flow.

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DigiDigz delivers a 3D digital replica of any property with a catalogue of 3D models of real products that can be placed inside the replica. The result is that anyone can decorate and renovate with product they can buy locally.

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