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Place your products inside exact replicas of your customers' homes

The stats are clear. 3D product visualization dramatically increases conversions, reduces product returns and builds customer loyalty. Of course customers have to find you first! Navigating the myriad of eCommerce sites, storefronts, third party sellers and competitive pricing structures can boggle any mind.


Picturethis3D bypasses the mayhem by placing 3D replicas of products inside digital replicas of actual homes and workplaces. Consumers shopping for a new home or planning a renovation also see how product will fit and appear in their new living space.


Small showroom? No problem. Buyers scroll through entire product lines, apply infinite numbers of fabric and finish options and even configure modular furniture on kiosks or tablets displaying their own digital property.


Better yet, home replicas are hosted indefinitely and can be accessed when the customer visits the store next week or in five years. The convenience in being able to shop inside their own digital home helps them buy with confidence every time they shop at a participating store.

Let's put you 3D product models to work:

1. Send us existing 3D models, drawings, or product images and descriptions in confidence.

2. We send you a quote that fits your marketing plan.

3. With approval, your models are integrated into our platform.

4. We help you add direct links to your website and in-store kiosk.

5. No obligation ... ever!

What do I get?

  • Dynamic 3D product catalogue with global server access and unlimited content.

How much does it cost?

  • Hosting costs range from$45 CAD per month for 10 products to $400 CAD for 500 models.

  • The cost to create high-quality models is variable, usually ranging from $40 CAD to $250 CAD.

How do I get it?

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DigiDigz delivers a 3D digital replica of any property with a catalogue of 3D models of real products that can be placed inside the replica. The result is that anyone can decorate and renovate with product they can buy locally.

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