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Redecorating or planning a renovation can be one of the greatest joys of homeownership. Until it’s not!


DigiDigz is like a blank canvas that makes it fun and easy to decorate and plan home renovations. Save time and avoid mistakes by emailing your 3D floor plan to contractors to request work quotes. No need for multiple site visits or interpretations about design choices and challenges.


Experience infinite finishes and paint colours before heading to the paint store and see exactly how furnishings will fit and appear before making a purchase.


This is just the start. Stay tuned for added features that will gather up all the property information scattered about your house into a digital property manual you won’t want to do without.

What do I get?

  • Exact digital replica of your home.

  • Catalogue of 3D product models (furniture, floor and wall coverings, etc.).

  • Ability to plan renovations and communicate your vision with contractors.


How much does it cost?

  • Prices are set locally and will be similar to the cost of creating a traditional floor plan.


How do I get it?

  • Fill out the "customer intake" form.

  • DigiDigz will measure the property, produce a virtually staged 3D floor plan.

  • Homeowner will receive a link and a password to access the 3D floor plan.

Thank you. We appreciate your feedback.

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Arrange furniture, decorate and renovate your living space today, next year and 10 years from now with endless access to your own digital property twin. You can also access your virtual space when shopping at participating stores to try new products on for size.

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