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In fact, there are as many design preferences as there are homebuyers. The vast majority glaze over neutral staging designs intended for the masses. Grab their attention by letting them experience property listings on their own terms.

Picturethis3D has developed a breakthrough technology designed by real estate professionals for the real estate industry. It’s a unique platform that shifts the focus to everything a property could be. It’s called DigiDigz and it encourages

buyers to engage with property replicas by trying on different wallcoverings and flooring options. They can furnish the digital space by placing 3D models of product available for purchase at local stores or use resiizable shapes to see how their existing furniture will fit and appear.

What do I get?

  • Virtually staged floor plan of the property.

  • Catalogue of 3D product models (furniture, floor and wall coverings, etc.) that can be used to redecorate.

  • Ability to visualize property improvements.

  • Digital brochure with embedded video and photos.

  • Exclusive MLS site listing.


How much does it cost?

  • Prices are set locally and comparable to the cost of creating a traditional 2D floor plan.

  • Photos and videos may be supplied by the realtor or DigiDigz.

How do I get it?

  • Fill out the "customer intake" form.

  • DigiDigz will measure the property, produce the 3D floor plan and virtually stage the property.

  • Realtor will receive a link to the 3D floor plan and digital brochure to add to their website, or share by email or social media.

There's More Than One Way to Stage a Listing

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