The Best of Tech is About Good Old-Fashioned Selling

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

VICTORIA BC, August 18, 2018: A Victoria-based company is taking on e-commerce giants with a new technology designed to level the playing field in home furnishings. Re3D is the brainchild of Picture This Today 3D Inc. It’s turning heads at the core of the North American furniture industry and taking a solid lead in the race to offset challenges emerging from online shopping and the high cost of retail space. Now, with so much industry uncertainty, it can help position small to medium-size furnishing vendors in their own right. This is a new way to shop for everything from furniture to landscaping, creating interactive three-dimensional floor plans of actual living, office and public spaces in literally seconds. It’s fast, fun and easy to use, and lets shoppers walk inside virtual spaces, paint walls and change flooring, and arrange furniture and decorations in real time. They can browse full product lines and fabric options, and purchase product online or in store with the confidence in knowing how it is going to fit and appear.

Current AR/VR technologies are one-time product viewers with cumbersome equipment and setup requirements. At the other end of the product visualization spectrum is Picture This’ Re3D Technology, which offers much more than exceptional product visualization. Consumers will soon have exact floor plan replicas of their entire home or office, solving issues much deeper than furniture shopping with added “must have” home maintenance, insurance and emergency services features intended to engage consumers for years to come. The best part – they can take the guesswork out of shopping by retrieving their virtual home on in store computers or kiosks every time they return to a participating store for as long as they live in the home.

It lets retailers see inside their customers’ living spaces, says Picture This CEO Ev Saurette. “Imagine what that could do for their business? If digital technology is in fact the future, it must reach far beyond helping customers visualize a piece of furniture in a living space.” “The real issue here is very serious,” said Saurette. “The future of brick and mortar is uncertain, and I fear the consequences of allowing outside influences to dictate the future of the industry. Re3D is striving to level that playing field by offering businesses better visual technology, direct connections with consumers globally and better profit margins than E-Commerce giants can possibly offer – now and in the long term.” “We can offer retailers and manufacturers something better. With innovative use of video and good old-fashioned storytelling, we share stories of pride, integrity and sustainability. Furnishing vendors have great stories to tell about the passion and perseverance invested into every piece of furniture they make. It’s the kind of stories that consumers love to share with family and friends when showing off their latest furniture find. “We are both a retailer and a service provider, and intent on promoting the good work of companies that support local economies and environmental sustainability. That is the future.”

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