Model Magic

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Here at Picture This, we’re always looking for ways to top the unparalleled quality inside our revolutionary RE3D software. We’re on a mission to provide the very best 3D models for our trusted design partners and for that we’ve enlisted a phenomenal 3D modeller to ensure we’re always at the forefront of industry innovation. Andrei Rodin has been with Picture This just five months and already made a significant impact on RE3D since joining the team. With over 12 years working in the field, Andrei

gives Picture This’ extensive online catalogue of furnishing products new depth that is unrivaled in the industry. His expertise in 3D modelling has opened the door for a level of product realism that is truly extraordinary. Andrey’s exceptional attention to detail and perfectionist approach make Picture This stand out in a sea of competitors that simply cannot offer the same stunningly beautiful 3D models we can. Not to brag — but it’s the truth. Just take a look at some of the latest 3D models that Andrei has uploaded to RE3D and see how amazing these products look in our new recurring blog series Model Magic.

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