Cristian Arostegui set to make IDS Toronto debut with inventive new design

The Interior Design Show (IDS) is quickly approaching and while there are several exciting exhibitors presenting their inventive creations at this year’s show in Toronto — Chilean designer Cristian Arostegui stands out from the bunch.

Winner of the 2015 IDS Vancouver prototype exhibit, Arostegui gained significant attention from the North American design community when his Sofi Bench became one of the Vancouver event’s must-see designs. The piece is modelled after his dog, aptly named Sofi, and takes influence from a time when Arostegui saw her staring at a squirrel in an attentive position with her legs ready to run. Another design he brought with him from Arostegui Studio in Victoria was the Solero coffee table, which was featured in an article for the Globe & Mail. The piece follows a modern design based on solar and geometrical patterns inspired by the Sun’s rays. He also brought a prototype of his Ttris shelves to IDS Vancouver, a design inspired by the 1984 video game classic Tetris. “I think it’s a very cool design that could be produced in the market,” said Arostegui of the Ttris shelves. “It’s a modular design in six different shapes and nine different colours and I like the freedom the modular shapes provide. They’re very easy to manufacture as well.”

This Thursday, Arostegui will make his IDS return by making his first appearance at IDS Toronto, where he will be bringing his acclaimed designs to the Toronto public for the first time in his career “I’m quite excited about Toronto,” says Arostegui. “IDS Toronto is a big show, bigger than the one in Vancouver, so the exposure my studio will get should be wider. I have been focusing mainly on the west coast, this show will be my first experience with the eastern Canadian market. The Toronto market is bigger and more into modern design so I’m very enthusiastic about the feedback.” Arostegui will bring his well-received Ttris shelves to IDS Toronto and compete in the 2017 IDS Toronto prototype exhibit, where he will attempt to add a second design title from IDS after already having earned one on the west coast. Despite the prospect of more competition in Toronto, the designer is confident his shelves can make an impact on this new market. “It would be great to win, it would bring me more visibility in Toronto and the east and the opportunity to come back in 2018,” says Arostegui. “Personally, it will assure that I am doing things correctly and I should keep the same path that I have been on for the last three years. It also helps build up my confidence as a designer. It would be great if this competition brings me the opportunity to start some projects in Toronto.”

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