Creativity Shaping Technology

In the tech industry, there is sometimes little time to stop and consider the value of creative and artistic talent. However, there is no doubt that these traits provide a valuable part of the work we do. Whether it’s in product development, marketing strategies, interface design, user experience or even in the very framework of our software, we have found that creativity is key to building great products and partnerships.

It seems obvious that technology companies thrive when they incorporate innovation and creativity into their product development — organizational, brand and product creativity has been associated with benefits such as superior performance, better problem solving, and more competitive edge. But what is sometimes missing from this conversation is the importance of finding, hiring and partnering with those who can help your business foster creativity that is not only advantageous but also built into the framework of your company. To give an example of how great creatives can benefit companies, we want to highlight our own partner in-house designer, Cristian Arostegui. This week we are celebrating Cristian’s talent as his work was just announced as a finalist for Designer of the Year at the Western Living Awards. This nomination reaffirms Cristian’s status as a leader in the Canadian design field after his 2016 Western Living nomination and 2015 Prototype Exhibit win at the Interior Design Show Vancouver.

Cristian submitted three designs including this W Table that won him a 2017 Designer of the Year nomination at the Western Living Awards. Cristian also contributed to designing and building this 3D modeling software with Re3D technology. Cristan’s nomination is well deserved, reflective of not only his design talent but also the ethos upon which he has established his practice. Ingenuity, creativity, sustainability and practicality are at the core of his designs, all of which are made with the intention of making beautiful pieces that are accessible to people filling all kinds of spaces within all kinds of budgets. "I try to create pieces that are unique, that are special. From the way they are designed to where they are made to how they fit in different spaces, my goal is to create original and unique furniture with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. " Not only is Cristian’s work being recognized in the field of design, but he is also applying his talent in the technology industry. We started working with Cristian not only because we needed a talented furniture designer who was interested in 3D technology development and e-commerce, but also because our business shares his passion and ethical commitment to our community and environment. Now, working with Picture this Cristian’s ingenuity and creative talent is helping us build our business and technology in a way that is unique, exciting and socially responsible. To us, this is the kind of corporate and creative partnership that other small technology companies should nurture and value as part of successfully growing business. We have found creativity to be invaluable in our mission, but really it’s the people who partner with us who are the true innovators, the ones who pioneer products that change our world. At the end of the day, it’s creatives like Cristian who are influencing our world through conjuring and exploring the ideas that turn into the products that shape our homes, our businesses and ultimately our lives. So today we want to say congratulations to Cristian on your success and pass on our appreciation to creatives throughout the tech industry who are applying their unique skills and talents to evolving the scope of technology. It’s not always easy to step out of the box, but we have learned from experience that incorporating creativity into your company paradigm is key to success, and partnering with people of all types of skills and talents makes for a dream team that can help take your organization to the next level. Are you interested in learning more about how creativity at Picture this is evolving design, real estate and e-commerce? Contact us at!

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