Building business with new technology, creative storytelling and industry partnerships

This is another entry telling the story about a tech company in Victoria, BC working to build something new, exciting and unique in our industry.

We have built and are continually working to improve Re3D technology, which creates 3D models of furnishing products and places them inside fully interactive virtual 3D replicas of actual spaces. Users can “walk” inside these virtual spaces, instantly arrange furniture, change finishin

gs and ultimately order products knowing exactly how they fit and appear inside a space.

The technology has substantial applications in the furnishing, interior design, home renovation, trade show and real estate industries.

By 2019 video will be responsible for 80% of online traffic (B2C), making video a hugely valuable medium to invest in when marketing brands.

The real estate market, for example, has much to gain from embracing virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D visualization. In markets all over the world, an increasing number of buyers purchasing property sight-unseen, utilizing such technology to view properties virtually when limitations such as geography, time or stiff competition makes such measures necessary.

The furnishing industry is going through its own growing pains in the technology age, with brick-and-mortar stores struggling to find a balance between capitalizing on e-commerce trends while staying relevant in traditional retail spaces. Technology such as interactive 3D modelling is helping retailers compete in the e-commerce market while helping consumers to stores.

But in today’s market, businesses have to do more than develop a great product that fits into market. At Picture this, we have found that a multimedia approach — strategy which combines different forms of media to reach audience and build brands — is well-worth exploring and implementing as an important part of a growing business.

GIFs are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to consume, simple to create, offer call-to-action capability, and help deliver an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience (Forbes).

Visual media such as videos, photos and gifs have proven to deliver a massive increase in response rates on social media, helping content stand out and be remembered in the vast sea of highly saturated online content. Combined with an integrated strategy that promotes and reinforces your message, it’s a concept that can be widely varied with vast applications to help any brand succeed.

For us, it’s the idea of sharing the stories of our brand and partners that has led to the development of initiatives that integrate different media forms into our product and customer output. In real estate, this has meant utilizing photos, videos, 3D software, social media and graphic design to showcase properties. In home renovation and trade shows, 3D modelling is allowing us to build mutually beneficial partnerships that raise the profile and abilities of our product. In the furnishing industry, we are using visual media to tell the stories of our partners through video and integrated strategy.

At the center of our approach is storytelling. It’s no secret that storytelling is the new must-have business skill and is a concept that can be explored and applied in many different ways across many different industries. For us, storytelling is an effective way to not only help generate interest and grow our business, but also maintain our valued partnerships with the people who help us do the work we do. It’s also a way to connect with a wider range of audiences as well as our brand, partners and followers.

For example, we set out to tell the stories of local furnishing vendors and artists who are using our Re3D software to showcase their work. These short, simple videos don’t necessarily have the extensive characteristics of traditional storytelling, but from a marketing perspective they are an integral part of a larger strategy that we will continue to benefit from throughout our growth. These videos will be integrated into our ecommerce platform development to highlight our work and partners’ products, our multimedia showroom, which will display the videos on tvs, ipads and phones, and of course expand the online reach of the great businesses and artists and help share the stories behind their work.

Our own multimedia initiative combines technology, storytelling and partnerships, and is just one combination of many in the vast possibilities of multimedia opportunities ready to be utilized for a growing business. Now is the time for innovative, creative teams to experiment with different multimedia and see how it can help boost great brands. It’s also the time for different sectors of different industries to learn from each other and find creative ways to pioneer and adapt new kinds of strategies alongside the development of tech technologies and platforms. This is just the beginning.

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