We strive to recapture the best of good old-fashioned furniture shopping using an innovative combination of video and immersive technology. Picturethis3D tells the stories of passion and pride behind great products, building meaningful connections between customers and furnishing vendors. In a wave of mass marketing and industry dominance, we believe customers are looking for meaningful purchases that support their local economies. They take pride in buying products directly from the people who make them.

This is more than breakthrough technology, it is a breakthrough business model with many beneficiaries

Pt3D is a team of highly skilled individuals who share a passion for a new technology intended to better position small to medium-sized furnishing brands in the global marketplace.


E-Commerce giants are flooding the furnishings market, establishing themselves as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers, threatening the survival of local manufacturing industries by cutting

into profit margins and ultimately dictating business practices.

The team at Pt3D believes it can

offer vendors something better.

Consumers are gravitating to a

minimalist culture with smaller living

spaces and a desire to find

meaning and integrity in the

products they buy. Pt3D uses a

unique combination of

groundbreaking technology and

traditional storytelling to provide a

better customer experience than

what is possible in mass marketing,

to influence buying habits in favour

of local furniture makers and artisans. We build lasting connections that directly support local economies through domestic sales and exports.

However, we do more than tell stories. We have devised a highly sustainable business model that (a) solves critical issues facing a multitude of industries, (b) generates multiple revenue streams and therefore (c) makes high quality 3D product visualization affordable .


It very well may put our technology into many of the more than 3.5 billion homes and offices worldwide with internet connections Pt3D is more than a tech company. It’s a highly curated team of talented

developers, designers and architects who see a tremendous opportunity to build a legacy; honour our hardworking friends and neighbours; and help secure a sustainable position in a global marketplace.


Our shared commitments are a great source of pride.



“Business is not just about

corporations and balance

sheets. It’s about people, working hard to build families and communities. Those objectives are the foundation of good business.”
- Eevi Jensen, CEO

~ Our Vision ~

Create a better digital shopping experience with a human element that celebrates the talent,
good work and integrity of manufacturers and crafts persons.

~ Our Mission ~

To provide an engaging, realistic digital shopping experience, with better product

information, imagery and lifestyle visualization that creates lasting and profitable connections
between furniture manufacturers, retailers, designers and their customers.

To help rebuild local economies post pandemic by shifting the playing field in favour of Canadian
vendors struggling to compete in an industry dominated by foreign companies and eCommerce giants.