Contractor network provides lucrative employment in Canada and beyond

The entry level version of our product visualization software will be free of charge to replicate one room or living area. More advanced versions will create a digital replica of an entire home or other property and require the service of a Pt3D contractor.

A network of contractors, who measure and photograph properties on an on-call basis, will be trained and certified by Pt3D. Our focus supports the efforts of those contractors with added value features for the furnishings industry, real estate agents and others.

There are skilled trades people in every community who can add digital property replication to their list of marketable services, such as renovators, interior designers, realtors and home stagers. Beyond high standards and integrity, a specific skill set is not required.

Contractors may provide this service to furniture vendors, insurance companies, healthcare providers, the hospitality industry, leasing companies, commercial clients and homeowners, as well as their own existing clients. Send us a message for details.

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Most consumers do not have the necessary skills or desire to measure their property, and the value of traditional floor plans are limited and short lived.


Contractors are equipped mobile-friendly software to replicate properties quickly and easily; providing significant benefit to close to a dozen different industries.

Collective Benefit

3D floor plans are fast becoming a "must have" for both sales and service businesses, translating into lucrative and flexible employment opportunities.


A six-week training program  will be hosted online and include software, interior design and product training. Tuition is $2,500 and training grants may be available