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DigiDigz creates digital replicas of living and work spaces. Users can arrange 3D models of real products inside virtual spaces, and visualize unlimited furnishing, decor and renovation options in real time.

  • Click and hold your left mouse button and drag to view the floor plan from any angle.

    Orbital View

    Click and hold your right mouse button. Drag your mouse to reposition the floor plan on the screen.

    Pan View

    Use you scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can also double click any object to zoom in for a closer look. A second double click on the object and you will zoom out.


  • Dollhouse

    An animated dollhouse view of

    the entire structure appears by

    default. Click anywhere to stop the rotation

    and zoom in for a closer look.

    If the structure has more than one storey, view floors individually by making a selection at the top of the screen.

    Multiple Storeys

    Click any floor area and the

    corresponding room name and dimensions will appear at the top left of the screen.

    Room Dimensions

    To decorate and furnish the virtual space, click the Edit Plan button at the top right of the screen.

    There's More

    A 360-degree button appears on

    the floor when you select a room. Click the button to see a panoramic photograph of the actual space.

    360-Degree Photographs

  • In Edit Mode, additional control buttons and product catalogues appear intuitively on the screen.


    Click a Floor Area

    Furnishing products appear at

    the bottom of the screen that

    can be placed within the current selection.

    Select a product and it will appear at the centre of the floor.

    Select a Product

    Furnishing products will be outlined in blue when selected. Clicking and holding your selection will cause the outline to turn green. This indicates that you can move your selection.

    Rearrange Furniture

    When a product is outlined in green, left click and hold a product to drag it to its desired location. Click, hold and use the scroll wheel to rotate.

    Move and Rotate

    Click any wall and products that can attached to the wall will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click a product and it will appear on the wall.

    Place a Product on a Wall

    Click and hold a wall product until it is outlined in green. Left click and hold the product to drag it horizontally on the wall. Use the scroll wheel to move it up or down.

    Move a Product on a Wall

    Activate the Textures button while

    a furnishing product is selected

    and options will appear. Select an option to make a change.

    Changing Fabric and Finishes

    Select any product and similar products may appear at the bottom of the screen. Click any product to replace your selection.

    Replacing Product

    Select any floor or wall and turn on the textures icon at the left of the screen. Options appear at the bottom of the screen. Click any option to make the change.

    Floor and Wall Coverings

    Resizable Shapes

    Click a floor and select a resizable

    shape from the product options.

    Change size using the measurement panel, or change the colour by clicking the Textures icon.

    TIP: Resizable shapes are great for determining how existing furniture and equipment will fit and appear in a new living space.

    TIP: Press the A-key on your keyboard to quickly deselect an object.

  • Build Furniture to Fit

    Modular furniture furniture can

    be sized and configured to fit your

    living space perfectly.

    Click in between two sections and an arrow will appear, along with a selection of pieces that can be inserted. Select a piece and voilà.

    Add a Section

    Select the product, then select one section of the product. Optional replacement pieces will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click one or all of them to try them on for size.

    Modify or Delete

    Fabric and Finish Options

    Select the the entire product, or

    just one section of the product and

    click the Textures button to explore fabric and finish options. 


    You can freely rotate and pan the

    entire 3D floor plan to view the structure from any angle. 


    For a rotating dollhouse view of the 3D floor Plan, click the icon at the top right of the screen. Click anywhere on the screen to stop.


     To simulate walking inside the

    property, click the view icon at the top

    right.  You will be placed in a free-roam state and can travel anywhere along the floor. 


    A set of footprints appear when the curser hovers over a floor, indicating that you will follow the footprints if you double click.

    TIP: When walking inside, the mouse controls work differently. Double click on the footprints that appear when you hover over the floor to move forward. Click and hold the left mouse button to look around.

  • If you click and hold a wall, window or door and a red outline appears instead of green, it means it is locked.

    Moving Walls and Windows

    Unlocking Structural Elements

    Structural elements are locked by default. Select any wall or window and a padlock icon will appear at the left of the screen. Click to unlock.

    Click and hold a wall until the outline turns green, then drag it to its desired position.

    Adjust a Wall

    Click and hold a window or door until the outline turns green, then move it horizontally to position. Use the scroll wheel to move it up or down.

    Position Windows and Doors

    Resize wall openings using the measurement panel.

    Resize a Window or Door

    Walls can be modified individually. Click a wall and then change the height or thickness displayed in the measurement panel.

    Change Wall Height and Thickness

    To visualize design options for a major renovation, contact your local DigiDigz dealer or visit

    Structural Renovations

  • A panel appears mid screen when you select a product or structural element. Input fields allow you to change the width, depth and height of an object, and its distance from the floor.

    Measurement panel

    Click anywhere on the panel to toggle betwee metric and imperial measurement units.

    Measurement Units

    TIP:  You are not able to resize 3D models of actual product that is available for purchase.

  • Lighting Effects

    Try different time of day lighting effects by clicking the environment icon at the left of the screen.

    TIP: Time of day lighting is useful for showing the effects of lighting fixtures. Click the Animate button at the top of the screen to turn lights on and off.

    Light or Dark?

    Toggle between light and dark mode by clicking black and whit icon at the top right of the screen.

  • Performance or Visual Quality?

    The render quality of the entire scene can be adjusted by the user to optimize the performance of the software.

    TIP: If the software is running slow, consider lowering the render quality to increase the speed. 

    TIP:  Don’t forget to select to highest setting before capturing the image in a screen shot or sharing with clients. 

  • Log in to Save

    To save you design you must create an account. Simply enter your name, email.address and create a password .

    Collaborate on Design

    Once you are logged into your account, click the Export button and you will be prompted to enter the email address of the person you want to send it to..

    Get Visual Feedback

    Clients, friends and family can make changes to your design without changing your own saved version. Use the Import button to view their suggested changes.

  • Catalogues Without Limits

    Product catalogues are accessed at the right of the screen and are viewed at the bottom either in a carousel or grid format. Controls for this are at the upper right of the carousel.

    Like Something You See?

    Click the ribbon at the upper right of product thumbnails in the carousel and it will automatically be added to your personal favourites catalogue.

    Manage Your Own Catalogue

    Save products, textures and even works in progress. Remove a favourite object from your catalogue by clicking the ribbon a second time.

    Save products, textures and even works in progress. Remove a favourite object from your catalogue by clicking the ribbon a second time.

    TIP: Increase the size of the catalogue grid to ease your search, or close it entirely to maximize your

    workspace. Controls are at the

    upper right of the carousel.

  • Be inspired

    Prestaged rooms and properties have been added to help you get started with your own design.

    Make it Your Own

    Match your own living spaces by moving walls and repositioning windows and doors. Then move furniture and decorate without breaking a sweat.

  • Why Stop There?

    Once you have decorated and likely redecorated a room you might want a digital of your entire home or office. Visit to find out how.

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