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A new digital reality

... built for real life

Imagine walking inside a three-dimensional replica of your own home. You experiment with infinite flooring and wall covering options, experience original artwork and arrange furnishings without breaking a sweat. The spatial sense is real and accurate.


This is digital reality in a whole new realm. Picturethis3D has just introduced a quick and easy way to replicate real properties in a way that is truly interactive and fun to use.


DigiDigz is a brilliant new technology and set to become a must have for multiple industries, but the ultimate beneficiaries are property owners. Digital places are hosted in the cloud indefinitely and offer a new level of convenience in furniture shopping, property upgrades and home maintenance.

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DigiDigz delivers a 3D digital replica of any property with a catalogue of 3D models of real products that can be placed inside the replica. The result is that anyone can decorate and renovate with product they can buy locally.

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